Monday, 8 August 2022

Lord of the Rings Helms Deep

This is from a couple of months ago now, part of the sporadic LotR gaming with may friend's young son.

You may remember a while ago he scratch built Wethertop. Well he's now gone a step further and scratch built Helms Deep!

It looks amazing - all crafted following the guides in the old LotR journey books

Some bits still needed a bit of work - though I'm sure it's all done now.

So I took the Uruks to try and blow a hole in things

We'd drafted in some Vikings to stand in as Dunlendings

My dice remained comfortingly predictable

But I managed to sneak a bomber into the culvert

...lit the blue touch paper....

And of course a blown up section was produced!

The Uruks tried to scramble in

Though the troll kept getting in the way

Which allowed the assorted defenders time to get up close

And force the Uruks back outside

Great fun and I'm very impressed by his modelling skills!


  1. Great looking game and impressive Helms deep

  2. Wow! That must have been great fun to play on.

  3. Excellent models! Very nice.
    Next time, try to come in through the back door - you can see it in some of the photos - it doesn't look defended :-)

  4. Nice work and some real work gone into the walls 👍