Monday, 1 August 2022

Warhammer Ogres v Khorne Chaos Warriors 2400 points

Another game of WFB with Steve. I fancied the Ogres as they've not seen table in a while. Steve bought Khorne Chaos, expecting to mince through my Daemonettes.

A Lord on Manticore and some Juggers. Crikey!

Defending their Lord's humble dwelling.

I rolled up a river as scenery. Oh good.

The Ogres decided to wait...

Apart from one brave cat...

The Choas men raced forward

The cat did it's job and lured the Lord into charge range of the Mournfangs

The Lord whiffed things and ran away! And the 'fangs thundered on.

But took warriors in the flank

Despite a hail of shot the Juggers rumbled on

The Marauders splashed across the river

As did the juggers

The marauders were thrown back and overrun

Unfortunately the Lord rallied, killed off the last of the Mournfangs and then started on the Ironguts

 And eventually the game concluded. I had two models left (Butcher and cat).

Proper bloodbath that could have gone either way.

You can read the Khorne version of events here

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