Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Empire Civil War - Game Three

After the Middenheimers had thrown back the Nordland advance it was their turn to try and force a pasage across a river into the soft underbelly of the Bklue and Yellow kingdom.

I fettled a scenario from WAB Age of Arthur and we set up and went at it.

It turned out the river was of the boiling variety and likely to rather poach anyone trying to cross.

I then rolled very badly for several turns for my army to turn up.

The Nordlanders had bought their huge spear block with them.

My cavalry arrived early - making them ideal for target practice...

The Flagellants headed for the ford, not really wanting to take a hot bath.

The knights too aimed for the ford.

Delays to the Middenheim reinforcements meant the river bank was soon lined blue and yellow

The flaggelants dipped their toes in the ford.

By this stage the knights had run away once and rallied as the spearmen finally turned up. 

Swordsmen moved to stop the fanatical doom-mongers.

While the spearmen shouted encouragement.

The remains of the knights went to help out.

Finally, with the game hurtling to a close the Middenheim hammer swordsmen splashed into the stream. Just ten of them met a steamy end! Which rather evened the odds for Nordland.

Inevitably the Middenheimers fled and with that the game was up. The banks of the River Dampfend remain in Nordland hands and they will attempt once again to cross into the lands of Middenheim in our next game.

Good fun, though the boiling river rather stymied my plans - especially as i threw away the few troops who *could* have raced across without boiling alive.


  1. Looks like fun. You can't beat a bit of Empire CW action.

    Nice Nordland (Alicanti) Pikeblock btw. Using as spears or actual pikes?

    1. As spears. Pikes would be filthy in 8th ed. all fifty would get to fight!