Thursday, 14 October 2021

Partizan 2021 - all the other pictures

I stole away from our El Cid game a few times for shopping and photography purposes.
So here's a round up of some of the games that caught my eye.
Looking at the coverage elsewhere there were some other great looking games that I missed, so apologies to those I didn't take pictures of.

Big Old Ancients game going on just behind us. I think Hull Wargamers were staging this one. Lovely big colourful units and plenty of Nellies.

Right next to us was this spectacular Seven Years War (I think - plenty of tricornes on show) game with two fantastic (and huge) ships that had made it all the way from Scotland.

Dave Andrews' gorgeous Crecy game. I asked Dave as he was unloading on the way in what he was putting on "Oh just Crecy again" he muttered.

Tavronitis bridge game. I meant to go back and take better and more pictures but ran out of time.

This was a lovely colourful Sikh Wars (?) game. Really colourful period. Must resist.

Looks like the locals have invited Ganesha to give them a hand..?

Not sure what these two are. 
Nice though.

Really Big, Little Big Horn game I think using TMWWBK rules.

Another Indian Horse and Musket game. Apparently I just missed the worst ever cavalry advance just before I arrived (they're being removed top right of the first picture)

The Perrys (with added Jervis) in the jungles of South America.
Makes me want to re-read The General in His Labyrinth

I'm guessing these are Argentinians

Some WW2 Desert - I think this was some Derby gamers?
Really want to get my DAK out for a game at some point soon...

A near and tidy but perfectly formed Sharp Practice game. Amongst all the bombast and spectacle of some of the other games this just looked *spot on* and like an idealised version of a normal game you could play at home.

Finally more SYW (?) action from the Shrewsbury gamers next to us. I took more pics than this but they've come out blurred.

Overall a great show. So good to be back surrounded by enthusiastic hobbyists and brilliant games.