Tuesday, 12 October 2021

El Cid at Partizan 2021 (2)

 And so, the remainder of the eye candy

This was in many ways the key part of the battle. Scrivs had gone shopping, leaving James in careful charge of the flower of Christian knighthood. 
James, in the heat of the moment, confused being "left in charge" with CHAAAARGE! and the knights thundered home.

Bouyed up on a tide of horseflesh Pedro (El Cid's best chum and king of Torremolinos - I may have misheard- ) issued a challenge to single combat.

Inevitably he got "moor" than he bargained for and was cut down for his troubles.

The Cid, in contrast with his late mate Pedro hacked his way through the Moorish hordes and into their camp. Which is how he got the nickname Campeador. Possibly.

But it was too little, too late the Moors were victorious.

Coincidentally we were also victorious.

We were all very surprised and delighted with the award for best demo game.
It was certainly one of the "lighter" games we've put on in terms of preparation and painting - in the main it was a case of dusting off much loved but under used collections.
Though of course the thought and effort put in to the scenario and the touches like extra boats and plenty of vignettes always add to the spectacle.
The judges particularly liked the different levels James had achieved with cloth and blocks under the table legs - but perhaps most importantly they praised us for the fact we'd both actually played the game *and* taken the time to engage with and talk to as many folk as possible.


  1. I’ve overdosed on sugar ….lovely to see­čśŹ

  2. Fantastic game. It's featured largely in all the coverage I've seen of the show. Well done.

  3. Well done on the award and well deserved.

    Big epic battles always look good on the table but El Cid always looks cinematic and eye catching. NICE!