Monday, 11 October 2021

El Cid at Partizan 2021 (1)

 On Sunday I was lucky enough to be involved with Jame, Scrivs and Martin putting on a demo game at the Partizan show.
My first wargame show since Hammerhead eighteen months ago - days before the first lockdown came in to play.

We used James' Midgard rules, and James and Scrivs' collections (with a few of mine for good measure) to recreate the battle of Bairen.

I'm not going to to describe things much - I took loads of pictures of the eye candy - so that's what you're going to get...

In the historic battle the Moors peppered El Cid's forces with arrows from their boats off shore.

James made the sea from clear perspex - painted underneath and with modelling snow to create the waves on top.

That's the first lot of pictures, which takes us up to around lunchtime...

Plenty more to come.


  1. Feeling slightly weak too much sugar . An absolutely stunning game 👍

  2. great pictures Tom! was a fun day :-)

  3. Fantastic looking game. I've seen coverage from a bunch of sources now, and it looks better every time.