Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Warhammer 8th edition Orcs and Goblins v Wood Elves

After the Big Lads had failed to chop down the trees of the forest of Crochetetout it was the turn of Waaagh Gruzzkupp to have a go at making firewood.

2400 points again.

Gruzzkupp had some Squigs with him. They proved to be arrow magnets.

The Green Horde lined up.

Elves poured from their arboreal home.

Well, some of them lurked in the woods instead.

The dryads had been wood glued back into shape after being Mournfanged.

Pig Cavalry in full flight.

Early on the Wood Elf sorceress blew her mind, man leaving the Orcs to dominate the Magic phase.

Squigs were being whittled.


The Night Goblins swerved the Big Tree Blokes and left them to the Boarboys.

The lines clashed!

The Trolls vomited and thumped the Elves - including doing away with the BSB.

Gruzzkupp's ;ad found themselves on the wrong end of some tree whacking.


Although the Orcs chopped the treeman down to size and the Night Goblins splintered the Dryads Wood Elf shooting took its toll.
Gruzzkupp was cornered in his tower and eventually shot to pieces by sheer weight of arrows.

The Orc cause was not helped by a unit of Boys (including Shaman) who spent the first four turns failing animosity tests and squabbling.

More fun Warhammer times - though the Woodies are a rum old fish to play with and against.

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