Sunday, 25 July 2021

Warhammer 8th Edition Ogres against Wood Elves

 Around once more to Stephen's Palais des Jeux for a game of Warhammer, greatest of all the games.

We went for 2400 points this time as it allows more toys and 8th edition copes with bigger points games better than some previous editions.

I have had several games, some alcohol (both big AND clever) and multiple sleeps since playing so I can't really remember much detail. But there is eye candy.

The big lads decided, as they are wont to do, to just head full pelt towards the Tree Huggers.

They'd bought their pet giant with them. So the elves shot him. A lot.

Classic Old models of at lest three different generations graced the Wood Elf side

I took yetis. I don't know why I persist with them - they are, too all intents and purposes hopeless.

There was a Big Unit of Dryads.

Mournfang to the face was a bit like putting them into a wood chipper. Not helped by the nearby scenic item casting a spell that made them worse.

The Ironguts gave the Wood Elf infantry a proper shoeing.

These big tree hings are like Ogres. And when your Wood mage gets his spells off they are in fact *much* better than Ogres.

The giant, despite being full of arrers gamely hunted for the treeman.
While the Leadbelchers left their cosy tower to try and help in the middle.

Big trees>Ogres (and captured their banner)

The Mournfangs failed a test for being shot at and almost fled the board. But came back behind some archers, who, fortunately were wearing suitably woodland brown tights.

The cavalry arrived!
So the leadbelchers shot them and they left again.

Ironguts>Big Trees.

Finally, with the Ogres being steadily whittled by bowfire the Treeman decided to deal with the remaining Mournfang.

One mighty Whack! later and the forest would remain safe from Ogres for the time being.

A good fun game and a solid victory for the Wood Elves.
They're annoying to play against and kick out a *huge* amount of fire. But are mostly rubbish in combat if you get there.

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  1. Very cool figures and terrain, Tom. I still have my copy of 8th Ed. for the Empire. One of the few games I played with my Empire troops was against Ogres. I great game, as I recall.