Monday, 26 July 2021

Sharp Practice Napoleonics

With Scrivs back from the Colonies and itching for some gaming I decided it might be time to see if Sharp Practice was worth another look. I'd struggled to wrap my head around it before, but clearly plenty of people love it and I've since played lots of CoC and love that...
I was hoping that maybe a game with Scrivs - who has a knack for explaining and remembering rules would unlock Sharp Practice for me.

We both picked the basic Peninsular forces from the book and then I was able to add another unit of regulars and a Sergeant. Scrivs added more Conscripts to his force. We were just playing the basic scenario from the book.

Scrivs had laid out a very lovely table - but had left some clear lines of sight - explaining that having space to form lines and blaze away was good for the game, rather than crowding the tabletop as one would for a more traditional skirmish game.

First card out was my skirmishers and unlike with CoC I didn't see much point to holding back, so on they came, behind a hill, just in case.

Some French Voltigeurs also appeared.

My line soon deployed and began blazing away at the advancing skirmishers. I was fortunate and struck the accompanying officer and killed him stone dead!

My skirmishers pushed up to threaten the French left flank.

The leaderless voltiguers milled about a bit.

The thin red line looked on.

Whilst the Captain led a column forward.

Still lurking on my right.

The French responded to the skirmisher threat and lined the river bank.

Whilst their line advanced.

To be met with fire.

Relentlessly they paddled across the stream.

A replacement officer was sent toward the Voltigeurs.

And he told them to cuddle up to the cows.

Splash, splash, splash.

Firing broke out, but annoying patches of smoke obscured the British view.

Allowing the French to close, drums beating the pas-de-charge.

Behind French lines the British lights managed to chase off their opponents.

In desperation the French charged home!

Only to discover the British were quite up for a fight! Driven back with bloody losses French morale tumbled and we called it over.

That was a good fun game. It feels like games would benefit from a different scenario, or - like CoC from being part of a campaign. 

Having Scrivs able to explain things helped clear up some of the things I'd struggled with before (even if he was a bit rusty) and the table looked splendid with brightly painted forces and Scrivs' excellent terrain.

I am now eyeing the plastic pile and thinking about adding some more Naps to the painting queue.


  1. Great report Tom.
    I have more figures 'on deck' already and have proper peninsular terrain ready for next time

  2. Looked like a smashing game chaps! đŸ˜‰