Friday, 8 January 2016

Operation Squad again

The ongoing lurgy at Tom's Toy Soldiers Towers means I remain in bed, but have time to catch up on some other 2015 gaming posts.

Gen B and I had such fun with our previous game of Operation Squad we had another go.

In this case the German forces were attempting to evict the British from the little village of Tromnée-sur-Balle somewhere in Normandy, June 1944.

This was, however weeks ago, so all I can do is post pictures, sorry.

The defenders of Tromnée-sur-Balle
 It's too quiet..

 Hunkered down huns

 More Germans in the orchards

 "Eat Bren, Fritz!"

 The outskirts of the village come under fire

 The British fire back

 A nice place to lurk, Klaus.

 Tiptoeing to the hedge line

 The firefight continues

 The Brits make a dash for the crossroads

 Shooting the Bren from the hip!

 "Vot can you see Hans?"

 "Over there, by the corner of the house!"

 Sneak, sneak, sneak

 More hedging huns

Take careful aim, private

Unfortunately we ran out of time to finish. The intention was to leave it up and return the following week, but time got the better of us and the General packed the game away.
Just as well. I was losing.


  1. Splendid pictures as always, a great report!

  2. Nice looking game and reminds me I need to get another game of that in as it's very fun.


  3. Thanks chaps. All the compliments are due to General Ballroom - it's all his models scenery and table.

  4. Splendid layout! Very Neat! Ace Cool Figures look Good too.Beano Boy