Thursday, 21 January 2016

40K Orks v Orks

Steve is once more in foreign parts and has taken on a career as a cartographer.
Leaving General Ballroom and I to our own devices.
So we settled on a game of 40K.
It is a curious side effect of the killing off of WFB that we're playing more 40K than ever before - not, I suppose, the intended outcome for the Nottingham Studio. Then again I suspect I was never the target market for Age of Sigmar.

Anyway, to the matter in hand.
Warboss Gruzzkup and his ladz are rooting through the ruins of Stefangrad when they encounter the boys led by Warboss Ballruum. Dis meenz Waaaaagh!

That's right gentle reader, we would be spending the evening thrusting our enormous Nobz at one another in hardcore Ork on Ork action.

500 points each...Cityfight objectives...seconds out, round one!

 Gruzzkup and his lads grab a building

 Da Trukk boys leave da Trukk and grab another objective

 Oooh, nasty Tankbustas

 Da wrong sort of boyz

 Waaagh Ballruum

 Warboss Ballruum likes to spend his time surrounded by Nobz

 Klank, klank, Kill, Kill!

Meganobz v Kanz - 'oo will win? (Not Kans)

 Warboss Ballruum gets stuck in

 Da Ballruum boys, hidin'

Warboss Ballruum sees of his foes!

Another splendid evening of gaming entertainment. Despite all my prejudices I'm quite enjoying all these small games of 40K. On this occasion, despite the Orkish reputation for close combat monstrousness we both hung back and shot. To very little effect.
Eventually Warboss Ballruum caught some of my lads in a crater field, and despite some early wounds from my boys the huge Ork gradually chopped them all down. In the meantime, despite my warboss achieving one of his tactical objectives, the other Waaagh largely avoided him and instead cut down the rest of my army.
The Meganobz proved too tough a nut for the Kans to deal with and with my dreadnought becoming immobilised on some craters General B was able to achieve a couple of his objectives and race into an unassailable lead.

Curse you Warboss Ballruum. Waagh Gruzzkup shall return!

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  1. Fabulous write up. Looks like a lot of fun; I've always felt that 40k worked best when taken back to Rogue-Traderish levels of small actions. And Orks are always massively entertaining to play.