Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Crusader Ancient Greek Hopilites

I got these for number two son's OGAM forces. Some Unarmoured Hopilites from Crusader Miniatures
They painted up loverly - really nice, simple sculpts. I do like Crusader models, you should go to their store and buy some at once from nice Mr Nick Northstar.
A few base coats and then some Cote d'Arms wash over the top with a minimal amount of highlighting.

I then had a bit of a 'mare with the LBMS shield transfers and I'm still not 100% happy (you can see the joins if you look hard enough). Usually I really like the LBMS transfers but these I just struggled with the curved shield shape.

Anyway, the Gaming Heir has declared himself satisfied, so I suppose that's job done then, apart from adding some tufts to the bases, and maybe a little gloss varnish back over some of the metals (the purity seal has gone very matt on this occasion).


  1. Thanks all.
    They were very quick and easy to paint but I'm pleased with the results.
    So pleased in fact that I'm wondering how many I'd have to add to get a proper army...

  2. Agree crusader figures are nice, I have some of their Gauls. Shields look fine I have found I have to use just the picture rather than the whole transfer as I can never get them flat.