Monday, 8 December 2014

To Swindon!

This morning (assuming the Blogger publishing scheduler thingy works) finds me on a train to glorious Swindon. For overseas readers Swindon is a desolate, blasted  place of shattered hopes and crushed dreams. A bit like Mordor. Or Pittsburgh.

Anyway, four nights in a hotel means an opportunity for some painting. So I've prepped twelve more Perry Bretonnian archers for my Lion Rampant force.
Hoping to get the basecoats done, and maybe the washes too before I return to civilisation.

 Here they are, all glued to Brenda's face.

And now with added sandiness.

And finally all whited up and ready for some brushwork.


  1. I've been eying these guys for LR too - they look perfect for early HYW, IMO.

  2. Looking forward to the results!

  3. I sympathise...Swindon enough said