Friday, 5 December 2014

Orcs against Nurgle in the Warhammer End Times

Last night I made my first visit to the newly opened North Notts Gaming Hall to christen the venue with a 3,000 point End Times game of Warhammer.
I spent the first 45 minutes or so admiring the handiwork, and biting down my jealousy that Steve has a man cave and I don't. Reader I had proper bilious green Shed Envy.

A couple of pre-game shots that fail to convey the full majesty of the North Notts Gaming Hall

Anyway, eventually there was a game to be played.
I had hoped to field all greenskins but failed to find the mojo to paint anything new, and while I could just about have scraped together 3,000 points it was (to my mind) very character heavy and lacking in fighty green bodies. So in the end I swapped out the level 4 Orc shaman and a few other bits for a unit of nine Ogres.

We rolled up battle line. Actually we rolled up Watchtower, but decided that wasn't the fun we were seeking for the first big game in the Hall, so we re-rolled.

Sadly I was so overcome with the awesomeness of my suroundings I completely forgot to even think about deployment and in fact forgot about the Ogres entirely until most of my army was down. Which led to a less than useful deployment all round with stuff behind other stuff and things generally in the way.

And then we were off.
To be honest my memories are a little vague of what exactly happned and the pictures don't help much. So I think I'll just stick them here with a few ribald coments underneath and then wrap up afterwards. Hope everyone's good with that.

 The green team

 'Orrid Chaosymens

 Dogs to the fore

 End of Chaos turn one

 The giant spots a worthy foe


 The trolls get to work

The powers of Chaos had magically boosted the dog's toughness, which, together with their high WS made them a harder nut than expected for the trolls to deal with.

 An unwise advance

 Chaos charges break out all over

 Should have swapped the nets for swatters

 Chariots getting charged. Bad scenes.


In my turn I cast Curse of Da Bad Moon,  killing a couple of Chaos Warriors. In Stephen's turn it span back through his troops, killing another couple before landing squarely on the Big 'Uns. Ouch.
 Dogs squished, lets be 'avin yoo.

 Boars doing chariot's work for them

 Hmm, dis is hard work.

 Rolled up newspaper?

 Clash of the titans.

Ogres getting charged. Hmmmm.

 And Arrer boys. Double Hmmmm.

 The Boarboys bite off more than they can chew.

Observant readers will notice the Boarboys are being led by a somewhat smaller model than might have been expected. Like a massive twit I left behind the only new model I'd painted for the game so had to use one of Steve's as a substitute. Sigh.

 Oh dear, oh dear.

 Have we even 'urt it yet?

Needless to say this was not a good result for Waaagh Gruzzkup.
Rubbish deployment, not really thinking about match-ups and generally poor play meant that even though my dice were quite hot I was on the end of a pasting.
Nurgle warriors in general are a tough nut for Orcs I reckon and I really didn't help myself.

Still a splendid game that looked terrific and now the Hall has been properly opened for business.

No doubt a more triumphal version of events will appear over on Stevo's blog shortly.


  1. some impressive figures there !
    looks like a "Titan's" work !
    Good that you have had such a pleasant game.