Monday, 1 December 2014

Orc Warboss on Boar

Having become frustrated with my work on the Orctober warboss (the greenstuffing looks like it was done by an ill focused child with no opposable thumbs) I instead grabbed this one from the "undercoated and set aside" pile.

The shield presented a conundrum. Most of the painted examples (including the "official" GW paint job) have it red, to look like the original grinning skull motif.
However the sculpture is clearly of something's skin (and teeth) stretched across the shield.
My guess is that's what the sculptor intended but then Alan or Gordon, or whoever was in charge of yelling at and belittling sculptors and painters in the Studio at the time, shouted and screamed at them until they painted it red "to look like the grinning Orc symbol!!"
Anyway, I decided it's the remains of his bitter rival, pinned there to dismay his foes and remind his mates "oo's boss" and painted it green.

Shield detail. See - it's skin.

It's the same plastic Orc Warboss kit as I used as the basis for Grotfang, which really isn't a nice kit to assemble - the two sides of the pig are a poor fit and there are a few undercuts and the like where detail is ill defined.

Smallest boy suggested that the highlights on the black boar weren't defined enough, and he may well be right. Black is always a tricky colour to highlight appropriately I think.
Other than that I'm pretty pleased with him.


  1. I think he looks super. The boar looks fine in the pictures.

  2. Looks very good, but like many GW weapons that glaive is probably unusable in combat.

    1. Letting petty things like "realism" cloud your judgement...

  3. To be fair it is a fantasy Orc so you have to draw the line somewhere PSS. Great work Tom, am I facing your new masterpiece on Thursday?

    The kit was one of the first of its kind and I have a some fondness in my heart for it, the fit does need some agree stuff helping though you are correct.