Sunday, 22 June 2014

Orc Boarboyz

Over on Stevo's Blog, he's been steadily plowing on with getting his greenskin army battle ready for the Council of War event we're off to in a month's time.
Me, I've been watching the World Cup, glueing Arabs together and finding many other ways to fill my time (mainly the World Cup though).
However I need to gird my loins (the amount of time they spend ungirded is beginning to worry me) and get an army licked in to shape.
One of the things I want is a unit of Boarboyz. I know that they're not "top tier", or even "pretty average" - in fact according to received netlist wisdom they are "completely bobbins" - and that I should be spending points on Savage Orc BigUnswithashamanwiththeluckybeardycomboofultrawin. However I don't like those models, and I love these ones. So Boarboyz it is.
This morning through a mild red wine hangover I got five more finished off. Simple paintjob following the plan laid out here.

So that gives me ten assembled and painted Boars.
Next stop will be the riders. Sadly on attempting to retrieve them from the loft I could only find four of the five I've already assembled.. And one of them is missing a leg. Bugger.
Still, they remaining three are undercoated black now and I'll crack on with them tonight.


  1. Jolly good show! Orcs on boars are just plain awesome. And when fantasy games are not about getting that kind of stuff on the table, you may as well pack it in. Looking forward to seeing the finished unit!

  2. I know what you mean about the football. I've painted bugger all in an evening of late.

  3. Good work on the Boars, they look splendid! And your story about the riders made we wee a little!