Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nottingham Young Gamers Again

On Sunday, James organised another of his Nottingham Young Gamers events. I enjoyed the first one and was delighted to be able to help out once again.
Numbers were a bit down this time around, probably as it was a nice sunny Fathers Day outside, but around twenty youngsters turned up for a few hours playing and painting.
Matt ran a splendid Hadrian's wall type game with Celts clambering the walls, there was also a LotR game and a "mini Waterloo" game of an assault on a farmhouse.
Once again the generous fellows at Warlord Games provided some plastic freebies, and this time they were Celts and Romans so they formed the basis of the painting table.
I wanted to do some "modelling" to show off other facets of the hobby - I had a vague plan for making walls, but James picked up some rather splendid Warbases Scorpion kits so I spent a couple of hours helping youngsters make a warmachine and paint a crewman.
As always James gave a talk over biscuits and juice as did Pete, covering the 199th anniversary of Waterloo.
Two and half hours after we started parents arrived to collect their offspring and we were all done.

Here's a few pictures:
 "Waterloo" attracts a crowd

 Painting table
 Scorpion factory


 Matt sends the Celts to war

 Celts, clambering

 The French advance

 James hold forth on the subject of Romans

My handiwork


  1. Top marks to you guys!

    Anything that gets the kids off the XBOX and doing something creative and learning a bit of history is a great thing. Well done!


  2. That's fantastic, well done! I work with kids, and it can be hard to get them into anything that doesn't take batteries. Great to see the next generation being inducted :-)