Monday, 2 June 2014



Whilst I was on holiday in France last week three stout fellows very kindly nominated me for some sort of award, I am genuinely very grateful for the nomination and thankful that you found something in my witless ramblings that appealed to you.
However I am also a miserable old curmudgeon and tend to view these awards as a kind of chain letter or pyramid selling scheme. I'm sure the intentions are honourable and as I said I feel privileged to have been nominated, but I'm afraid I won't be doing any of the posting of logos and answering questions malarkey. Sorry.

That said, I do think you should all go and check out the blogs of the chaps who were kind enough to find mine worthy of a mention:

Hendrid's Blog - lots of lovely Arabs and Empire and Mordheim
Dartfrog - plenty of Dark Age goodness and some tiny stuff too
Tom Keegan's blog - plenty of SAGA and Muskets and Tomahawks

Give 'em a follow if you don't already.

In addition I'd recommend going and viewing these other blogs.
Stevo's Mini Soldiers - my regular WFB opponent and prolific painter
Steve's Painting Shed - wondrous AWI and Dark Age stuff
Tabletop Mog - Romans, Bolt Action and being beaten by your offspring
Scrivsland - home of the fastest hobbyist in the west

They're all the work of people I've played games with and are splendid chaps, so give them a read and a follow why don't you?


  1. Well congratulations on your award, I think it is well deserved as I for one started my blog due to yours being so splendid. And thanks for the link, you are already the highest source of traffic to my blog. Keep writing it keeps us all entertained!

  2. Know where your coming from on this one T ;-) thanks for the link back. Nice logo BTW