Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sigmar's Blood (11) - another warm-up game

With the forces fast coming to completion we decided another warm-up game was in order to familiarise ourselves some more with the armies and keep up enthusiasm.
So I came up with the following scenario.

The Whirligig of Astrakosh
A mighty upheaval of the earth caused by a passing warpstone comet has revealed the Whirligig of Astrakosh, a mystic wizardry thingy.
Von Carstein has dispatched his loyal necromancer to speak the black words of power that will unleash the power of the Whirligig. The light wizards of nearby Grunhafen have become aware of the presence of the Whirligig and, after much pleading with the local count have secured a small force to investigate.

The Empire
Kurtis Spangel lvl 2 Wizard of light
Stephan Ingwer witchhunter
The Knights of Sigmar's Blood, 8 reiksguard knights full command
The Drunken Wolves 20 militia full command
The Spears of Nordland, 20 empire spearmen with shields
Nordland Shootists 10 handgunners
Hellstorm Rocket

Vampire Counts
Nimitz Vulkmist lvl2 necromancer
10 Dire wolves
20 Ghouls
20 skeletons with spears
5 hexwraiths
3 vargheists

Set up
Use a 4x4 table
Place the Whirligig in the centre if the board.
Add a further d3+3 pieces of scenery to the board
Roll a dice, the highest scorer must pick a corner of the board and place a unit within 12" of the corner.
Units are then deployed alternatingly, all within 12" of the corner
Then roll a dice, the highest scorer takes the first turn.

Special rules
Only a wizard may enter the Whirligig . If the Whirligig is unoccupied the wizard must enter by making a normal move or marching into the Whirligig
If the Whirligig is occupied another wizard may assault the tower and if he wins he replaces the existing wizard in the tower.
The losing wizard may be placed anywhere within 2" of the Whirligig.
No other characters or units can penetrate the mystic sigils that protect the Whirligig and so may not attempt to assault it.
War machines have no effect on the Whirligig or models inside it.

The Spell
Incantation is a power 16 spell.
If successfully cast the wizard gains +2 on all future spell casting attempts he makes for the rest of the game whilst in the tower in addition the wizards side will gain 200vp
If the wizard miscasts while casting the incantation, resolve the miscast then place the wizard 2d6" away from the Whirligig in a random direction. The incantation is not successful and the wizard does not gain any VP
If any other spell is miscast while the wizard is on the Whirligig the spell is cast and the miscast resolved as normal, then move the wizard 2d6" from the Whirligig in a random direction.
If both sides cast the invocation then each gains 200vp

Tune in tomorrow to see how it played out...

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