Monday, 3 February 2014

At the Sharp End

The Too Fat Lardies have released a supplement for their very much flavour of the month Chain of Command rules. Now I didn't enjoy my experience of Dux Britanniarum, and despite Scrivs having played and enjoyed the CoC rules, what I've read elsewhere leads me to believe that some of the same things I found irritating about Dux Brit will again be present here. Besides which 28mm WW2 was only ever supposed to be a minor diversion and I've already got the Bolt Action rules which seem to give me a perfectly adequate game. So despite the high praise from some quarters I've remained resistant.
However the one element of Dux Brit that I did enjoy, and kept me trying to enjoy the game far longer than I should, was the campaign system. So, given that At the Sharp End promises something similar for WW2 games, and that it costs just £6 for the instant gratification of a PDF download I've parted with my cash and got myself a copy.
So far it looks promising. There's clearly some elements that are designed just to work with CoC, but the structure of the campaign seems simple and the background generating parts are all quite jolly. So I think with a little tinkering I should be able to get a workable Americans in Italy campaign sorted out and maybe get a few more games of Bolt Action in.
But all this has to wait until after Sigmar's Blood is out of the way.


  1. Fawning seems a bit strong to me. Each to his own I guess.

    1. Agreed. Typed in haste and stronger than I intended.
      As you say, each to their own and although the rule mechanics may not be to my taste, I've no reason to doubt that the enthusiasm of others is anything other than genuine.
      I've edited the copy above.

  2. Tom, I've read my set and am itching to crack on with a small (5 to 7 game) SCW campaign with James.
    If you fancy giving it a go with me, we could do a Burma one using my Brits and Japanese.

  3. Using CoC, or BA?
    My Yanks versus your Japs?
    Although when I'll ever get along to the club is another matter entirely.

  4. Well we are open Tuesdays and Thursdays for your (in)convenience.

  5. TFL games don't gel with me but may well get the campaign for my bolt action stuff.

  6. Just caught up on your blog. Nice work on the Empire stuff and Dire wolves. The tutorial on your tribesmen was good too.