Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Toys

Last week I realised that Scrivs' Age of Arthur event is approaching fast.
I always like to use events like this as a spur to painting up something new for my army.
My Saxon force is pretty complete as far as blocks of troops go, with enough for a large WAB army, or a small Hail Caesar force. However it is lacking in the missile department. The slingers I use are from the Gripping Beast range and though they're nice models they're not as nice as the rest of the force which is (mainly) Musketeer Miniatures models. However I didn't want to just replace one lot of figures with another, where's the fun in that - the army isn't growing - so, having been on the receiving end of some deadly Scrivs archery in the last few games of AoA I've played I thought a unit of Archers might be just what I needed.
So I ordered a unit of twelve on Thursday morning and they arrived first thing on Friday. Great service from the Gripping Beast boys (who distribute the Musketeer range).

Lovely models they are too, although I've been warned to make sure the bow hands are glued on firmly!
I've got a week in Swindon at the end of the month, so the plan is to prep, assemble and spray them before I go and then basecoat them in my hotel room. I'm living the rock and roll dream, just like Led Zeppelin.


  1. What have you heard about the bow hands fella?

  2. Sorry mate, overexagerating! They sometimes detatch from the bodies, Scrivs tels me, but no worse than separate spears from other models.
    I'll amend!

  3. Not necessary mate, its good to know if people have problems so I can fix em ;)

  4. Musketeer do make some nice looking figures!!

  5. I've not had a problem with my Musketeer ones. Make sure you drill out the arm enough.

    1. Yikes, sorry Scrivs!
      Someone 'm sure said they sometimes fell off.
      Will make sure I glue and pin effectively whatever.

  6. They are lovely sculpts. Looking forward to seeing them with a lick of paint Tom.


  7. I'm under the cosh too for the day, I'm keen to see how your archers turn out though as I've been considering some too.