Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Another game of Dux Britanniarum

And so we returned the fields of Elmet and this time my mission was to attack a farm. My British chum had just finished basing up some rather splendid trees he'd ordered from e-bay, so it was a heavily wooded battlefield that greeted me.

 Dawn breaks and Saxons sneak into the woods

 This peaceful bucolic scene is about to be shattered

 Alerted by the alarmed mooing the British forces arrive

 Undeterred the S axons start to smash their way in

 Before making off through the woods with booty

 The Saxon rearguard holds firm

The Saxons flee the vengeful Britons

Again my Saxon raiders scored a victory, albeit with their leaders cut down as they made off with their ill-gotten gains.
This game also saw the arrival of movement trays from Warbases


  1. Great report, beautiful troops!

  2. Lovely! I wouldn't be wthout movement trays now, not for any game!