Monday, 21 October 2013

Perry Koreans for Ronin

I've wanted to get some of the Perry Koreans ever since they first came out.
Cool and unusual and with their usual high standard of sculpting.
However knowing next to nothing about the period and with no intention of collecting an entire army of them, my interest remained notional.
Until Ronin came out. Simple Samurai era skirmish rules needing only a few models and with a Korean list in the book! Huzzah!
So I bought the book and got me a few packs of Koreans.
Here are the first three from pack KOR6:

As a change and challenge I went with a layering technique on most of the model, just to make a break with my usual wash style of painting, and also to see if it gave the miniatures a more vibrant look.
It's a long time since I've painted an entire model like this and its (even) more time consuming than my usual method. But I have to say I'm pretty pleased with then end results, even if I'm clearly a bit rusty.
However it's proving tricky to get decent pictures of them - I think the bright white clothing is playing havoc with the white balance.
There's another three of these to go, then some command models before I get to some of the funky armoured dudes with intricate shields. Then I'll need to buy some archers (they didn't have any in stock at Partizan). At this rate I'll be ready for a game by about 2020.

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  1. Great paintwork, these Koreans are really impressive!