Sunday, 22 September 2013


A trio of small scatter terrain pieces what I have made recently


An irregular MDF shape I had knocking around.
I covered it with some sand and a few pieces of slate and small rocks leaving a few gaps in between for pools of water. Then it was sprayed and painted in appropriate colours (mainly using cheap emulsion pots from Wilkos). The watery areas were given a few coats of yacht varnish to add depth and shiny wateryness and finally static grass and some coarse turf added.

Ploughed field

Another piece of MDF with some corrugated card glued to the top. Then sand added as above (though I sieved it to get finer sand and fewer lumps and bumps) before spraying, painting and flocking the edges.
Ideal for a Saxon farmstead at the start of the Viking raiding season.


I actually made two or three of these, but can only locate this one at the moment.
Again, MDF shape - this time with some large stones glued on and some sand applied to the rest of the base. Sprayed grey then the rocks were drybrushed up to almost white and the base painted to match the rest of my terrain.


  1. Nice - simple and as far as I can tell, extremely effective. These three bits are good for more or less any period. I might nick the ploughed field myself!

    1. That's funny, I thought it was YOU I'd nicked the idea from!

    2. Not guilty, at least as far as the ploughed field goes. I thought it was you idea - at least I was going to credit it to you!