Sunday, 10 October 2010

More Stick Action

This week's Painting Stick is bought to you by the words Gripping Beast and Berbers and the colour White. It's the second half of the unit deal. I don't need to have these finished for the weekend, but I'd quite like to. We'll see how we go. The archers from last week just need a spray with some Matt Varnish and they're done. Pics tomorrow, hopefully. Here are the Spearmen from last week's painting stick. I'm much happier with these so far than the archers which look a little too drybrushed to me. These are better quality overbrushing IMO,whch is nice. These do need to have their bases finished by next Saturday. Finally to welcome my new follower Bishop Lord here are some Warmaster Ancients Saxons (beacuse his blog covers mostly little soldiers). Pendraken I think (but it's so long since I bought them can't be sure). I did what I claimed in this post and sprayed them brown before using Foundation paints and a healthy coat of Devlan mud. I think they look pretty good and I've alread cracked on with some Fyrd.


  1. Thanks for posting the little fellas' Happy to be on board :-) What is Devlan Mud? Ive heard it mentioned before and Ive no idea what it is.


  2. Devlan Mud is one of the (relatively new) Games Workshop washes. All their washes are very useful, but Devlan Mud is terrific over pretty much any colour as an instant shade.

  3. Lovely work of the Berbers, I might well pinch that colour schemeđź‘Ť