Friday, 10 September 2010

Back Again...

A few weeks holiday and then a few more weeks of not much hobby activity and it's been a while since this blog got updated.
Anyway, got my hobby mojo back a bit and I started work on a few things. I've signed up for James Morris' El Cid event at Warhammer World in October. Really looking forward to this as I've been lucky enough to attend a couple of James' events in the past and they're always a good time. I'll be taking my Almoravids again, but the slight fly in the ointment is that the event calls for 2500 point armies and my army is a measly 1600...
So where can I get an additional 900points from?
Fortunately I already have a small unit of Christian knights painted, so getting them turned into a 12 man unit will give me some mercenary knights (and kick start my Christian army again) and clock in around 300 points. So I dug out the remaining six horses and riders and cleaned them up. I've already sprayed the horses with some Plastikote Chocolate Brown which is a good match for Scorched Brown and was a bargain at only £5 from Wilkos. I'll be using it on my Boarboys and Wargs the next time the hobby butterfly grips me! Then I'll be using the excellent horse painting guide from the GW site to get them painted. The riders are all largely mail clad, so liberal applications of chainmail and some LBM shield transfers should mean they're pretty quick too.
For the remaining points I've long had my eye on some of the lovely Artizan Hasham Guard cavalry and if I paint them in black to match my Black Guard they should be do-able in time, so a visit to nice Mr Nick at Northstar will be on the cards in the next week or two.
In the meantime I've also prepped, block coloured and then coated in Devlan mud some Berber archers I picked up at Hot Lead, so that's another 56 points almost in the bag. If all else fails I suspect I'll have to go cap in hand to James and borrow a few more models!

As well as all this Almoravid activity I sprayed some 10mm Saxons for WMA that I’ve had for yonks. I've long maintained that Dark Age combat is largely one lot of men in brown with sticks trying to hit another lot of men in brown with sticks, so buying the Plastikote spray seemed like an obvious shortcut. We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts...

Finally I also dug out a Dwarf Brewery model that I started many moons ago and put WiP's on my old Dwarf blog that I subsequently forgot the password to.
So here are some old shots followed by the latest work (adding a roof and a handful of tiles).
The model is based on the scenery from the old Grudge of Drong set. At one point the files were on the German GW site so I downloaded them, used pins to transfer the shape to foamcore and then stuck it all together. The new WFB has rules for a Dwarf Brewhouse so that's spurred me into getting it finished!

The basic shell

Building and chimney

Assembled and covered in Roughcoat

Another view

Several years later...

Side view

And the other...

Roof coming along...

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