Monday, 13 September 2010

The Campaign Returns

So after a summer holiday hiatus the Warhammer campaign gets back under way this week. The map above shows the state of play after all our armies have moved. The forces of good (Boo!) have made a push for our capital, but their army was unable to cross the river and lay seige (crossing rivers requires 4+ on a D6) so although the hex is theirs our capital stands defiant. Meanwhile their alliance of Dwarfs and Elves (!) has seized Tor Eliath from the forces of evil and pursued the Ogre and Daemon combo they roughed up in the last round.
On the far side of the map we've likewise concentrated on the enemy capital with two armies closing in on Ingwerstadt. Surely the forces of good are doomed! Sadly they've pulled an army back to defend the capital, so all is not quite going our way.
The upshot of all this frenetic actvity is that on Wednesday the Ogres and Daemons will once again face the Dwarf and Elf alliance in a 2,000 point slugfest whilst the following week Empire and Lizardmen defend against rampaging Orcs and Tomb Kings! I'm looking forward to it.

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