Thursday, 21 October 2010

A game of Warhammer last night and the first outing for my burgeoning Orc and Goblin army. I’ve bought a ticket for the Throne of Skulls tournament on January 15th – 16th, which is incentive to get my greenskins finished. I’ve always liked the Orcs and Goblins in WFB, the mix of brutality and low comedy appealing to me for some reason. The fact that the sculpts are really characterful helps too. However I also know that I’m a very slow painter so the idea of a horde army always seemed beyond me. So I started the army about this time last year with the intention of having them ready for the launch of 8th edition – 9 months seemed like plenty of time. Anyway, one thing and another and I didn’t make the progress I’d have liked, but I did get a big block of Night Goblin Spearmen done and a smattering of Orc boys. With El Cid out of the way and the ToS tickets on sale I seized the opportunity and have done a little work on the rest of the boys unit. With a bit of scraping around I managed to rustle up 1000points for last nights three way game. My list was
NG Big Boss
NG Lvl2 Shaman
48 NG Spearmen + Fanatic
28 Orc Boys
3 River Trolls

I was playing against Slaanesh Daemons and Skaven.
And it went badly.
The Orc Boys charged some Daemonnettes, failed their fear test (I forgot to re-roll for the ASB) and were then brutalised before doing very few wounds in return. The Warboss died in a challenge with a herald, so they fled and were run down. The Trolls did slightly better against a pair of Fiends (regeneration and stomp are both ace) but with the death of the General they succumbed to stupidity and stumbled forward only to be charged by some Plague Monks and their huge rolling tower of death a.k.a. the Plague Censer. This didn’t end well. Meanwhile the Night Goblins failed an animosity test and bickered meaning they had to reform to prevent a rear charge from the Daemonettes rather than tooling across the board into the Skaven. The fanatic killed a couple and Steadfast kept them around for a couple of turns but ultimately the ladies were always going to win and they duly fled and were run down.
After my departure from the game the Skaven simply rolled over the remaining followers of Slaanesh like a kind of brown, furry juggernaut.

So what did I learn?
1 My General needs a ward save
2 Trolls are good, but need to be close to an alive general
3 Night Goblin hordes look impressive but lack punch
4 I need to paint some more models.

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