Wednesday, 3 November 2010

El Cid Campaign Weekend: Battle One

Well, some time ago now I played in the El Cid campaign run by James Morris at Warhammer World as part of the Warhammer Historical weekend.
I took lots of pictures.
Sadly my recall of the games is somewhat patchy, so these reports will be rather brief, but hopefully colourful.
Game One was against Tom and his Almoravids. We were fighting outside the walls of Marrakech and whoever emerged victorious would doubtless go on to be a major player in the hot-house of Almoravid politics and warfare with the loser condemned to a background role in the future of Spain!
Tom revealed during the game that he hardly ever wins at WAB, so I'm sure regular followers of my exploits will be able to guess how this ends...

The main highlights of the game that I can remember are my newly painted Christian knights, of whom much was expected failing not one, but two mercenary tests before charging into a combat they should have won easily and inevitably losing and running away. Khamu Karzai led the Kamel Korps forward to inevitable glorious defeat. Beyond that it was a steady advance, firing all the way before losing to Tom's spear blocks and finally leaving the field in ignominy. So much for my dreams of leading an Almoravid Reich to last a thousand years!

But enough,I know you're only here for the pictures, so here they are! (If you click on them they'll get bigger)

Doesn't that look ace!

This ended badly...

Glorious battle lines

Onwards to glory!

Never trust an infidel, he'll only run away!

Flanking camels!

Too late now, infidels!

It was an excellent game wth a fun opponent, and best of all was playing on James superb scenery with bigger than usual armies. It all looked spectacular!

Next up, a two player game featuring more cowardly Christian knights and the inevitable extinguishing of the Kamel Korps!

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  1. Nice pictures right enough, and no I'm here for the write-up too. Know how you feel with the Almoravids