Thursday, 1 December 2022

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery times two

Despite moving to the Isle of Mann Stephen was still determined to have his annual birthday get together gaming and drinking session. Although work has begun on his off-shore gaming gaff it's not ready yet, so I hosted. Originally it was to be five of us, but first Spandex cried off citing "faaaahm-ly" (he's down south, so has gone a bit 'enders) and then on the morning of the game Kiwi Keiran announced he'd put his back out. So it was to be just the three of us, me, Stephen and Kenton from Lenton.

As with attendees, so with plans. As conceived this was to have been All Elves, All the Time (Wood Elves for Stephen, High Elves for Spandex (borrowed as he only paints Skaven) Dark Elves for Keiran and I and Dead Elves for Kenton (as he only owns Vampires). However a Rugby League World Cup and no real desire to finish painting the Dark Elves I began about 30 years ago meant I ruined everything for everyone. Apparently.

So I took an all goblin force with some Ogre allies, Stephen had Bretonnians with Wood Elf allies and Kenton (Straight Outta Lenton), in a surprise move, had Chaos with Vampires filing the allies role. 1200 points with 300 allies.

The Chaos Hordes deploy

The Goblins occupy the hill

Flappy horses ready to go.

Wood Elves in their natural environment.

The Chaos horde marched toward the Goblins. Kenton (von Lenton)'s favourite trick is to attack me for no reason.

So I sent the big lads to deal with them.

The squigs didn't do so well, partly because we got the rules wrong.

Now I had flappy horses all up inside my grill.

The Night Goblins legged it away from some cavalry

The giant went hunting for catapults.

Fanatics had little impact on red daemons

Flap, whinny, flap!

And on to their next victims

The knights went in, but daemonic saves kept them hanging in there.

Soon after this time was up. We'd let Stephen win as a birthday treat.

Due to not drinking too much and there only being three of us we'd finished early afternoon. So we decided to have another game. Two games in one day - Warhammermungous!

A river bisected this field.

The FlappyNags were pointed in my direction.

The Mournfangs headed for the ford.

The Chaos horde was near a mystic portal which didn't really affect them as much as Stephen and I had hoped.

The Spiders went a scuttling.

I sent the Giant and the Squigs off to hand out the pain.

Knight buses pointed at the Chaos men.

The Night Goblin Shaman unleashed a MAHOOSIVE Curse of Da Bad Moon. Just because he could, really.. It footled toward the Bretonnians.

The Big Lad went in, despite the Wood Elvis sticking him in the back.

The Errant Knights found Zombies hard work, especially when they had to re-roll their armour saves.

The giant took a tumble.

Grail Knights v. Chaos Warriors.

The Squigs lined up to charge.

The FlappyNags decided to pick on the Night Goblins, who wisely reformed and did surprisingly well.

Soon after this time was up (and we were hungry).

The Chaos and Vampires won this one.

I had not won anything.

But really, as always, Warhammer was the winner.


  1. If Stephen is moving to the Isle of Man there is a good club called The Manx Wargame Group. I was part of it when I lived there and it has grown since. There's a website though it is not updated regularly.