Sunday 21 January 2018

Song of Drums and Tomahawks - Return to Tromney's Farm

Steve rejoined us this week and so, enthused by our last game, General B and I decided to introduce him to Song of Drums and Tomahawks.
Tragically Steve accidentally painted some AWI models instead of FIW models.
But we decided to allow him to use them as Britrish regulars and hardly ever mention the fact that they were from the wrong time period and wearing incorrect uniforms if you looked hard enough.
Steve rose above us hardly ever mentioning it.

We settled on a simple scenario in which the time travellers from the AWI were holed up in Widow Tromney's farm with a pair of female captives.
The noble French (me) under the leadership of Capitain L'Aurel and Sergeant Ardie would attempt to rescue the mademoiselles, whilst the ferocious First Nation warriors led by the dastardly Huatahuanka tried to capture them for their own nefarious purposes.
We set up an elaborate pre-game thing whereby General B and I secretly selected missions to either capture the ladies or kill the British leader so no-one quite knew what anyone else was up to.

 Redcoats from the Future patrol the farm

 Capitain L'Aurel directs a sneaky advance

 Time travelling musket fire greets the Indians

 Captain Stefan von der Grun orders his future warriors about

 The crack of muskets rings out from Widow Tromney's farm

 L'Aurel's men in position

 As the British re-load the French break cover

 Smoke billows as the hand to hand begins

 The French have breached the fence

The British General goes down to tomahawk blows

In the end the First Nation troops cut down the British leader (after much too-ing and fro-ing) and claimed the victory, though neither of us had released the captives.

The scenario went OK, though we should probably have set a time limit.

General Ballroom and I really enjoyed this.
Steve I think has realised he''s not a fan of the period (either AWI or FIW). Or possibly that he just doesn't want to play another skirmish game.
But that's OK, work will take him away for most of March and April, so the good General and I can play whatever we like then.