Thursday 11 January 2018

Fight at Tromney's Farm - Song of Drums and Tomahawks AAR

Tromney's Farm has been hurriedly abandoned by settlers fearful of reports of Indians in the neighbourhood. And with good reason, Huatahuanka the ferocious warchief is leading his band of warriors intent on pillage. Meanwhile Capitaine L'Aurel and Sergent Ardie lead a small force of  marines to try to retrieve the family valuables (and possibly even return some of them to the settlers).

Some months ago the Sherwood, Hucknall and Ilkeston Team decided to "do" the French Indian War. Specifically collect some models and play Muskets and Tomahawks.
Of course Steve and I subsequently decided to paint 1500 point armies for WAB - which rather slowed progress.
Hwever we've steadily grown nearer to our goal, and with Steve indisposed (he's currently trying to get jobs with more companies in a single year than I've managed in my entire life) General Ballroom and I decided to replace Muskets for Song of Drums and play a quick FIW skirmish.

When I arrived General B had set up the table in a pleasing fashion. I'd roughed out a couple of armies of around the 300 point mark each.
All that was missing was a scenario. So we placed some counters in the buildings and said whoever had the most at the end would be the winner.

I had an officer, an NCO and four Marines. All straight from the book (so depite the presence of a pistol on my NCO he didn't take one for the game).
Huatahuanka's Native Americans had a leader and seven warriors.
This kept things nice and simple and ensured we only had a small number of profiles and traits to remember in the first game.

I took the first move and advanced toward the farmstead...

 Capitaine L'Aurel leads the men forward

 Sergent Ardie is more circumspect

 The peaceful Tromney farmstead.

 Musket toting warriors break cover

 Huatahuanka leads from behind

 L'Aurel is brave to the point of foolhardiness

The warriors take aim.

 A marine heads for the tree

 Ardie reaches then fence - but L'Aurel is exposed!

At this point the inevitable happened and one of the First Nation warriors shot the brave Capitaine stone dead. Then, filled with bloodlust, decided to scalp him! One of my men immediately turned tail and fled the field, whilst everyone else retreated.

 The Chief supervises the encroachment

 Braves in cover

 Sacre bleu! he's by the porch!

 The warriors contuinue to lurk about the place.

At about this point it all kicked off on the porch. Huatahuanka sneaked into the building and Ardie rushed toward the door and into combat with the warrior intent on scalping L'Aurel.
Ardie, despite being strong and having a primitive weapon (a dirty great sword) was cast to the ground by the vengeful savage. And despite repeated attempts at shots from the Marines was eventually able to reach down and scalp the valiant Capitaine



 It's a photogenic wall corner.

 Ardie leapt to his feet and knocked a warrior to the ground.

At this point Huatahuanka emerged from the cabin, clutching some shiny geegaws. So Ardie attacked him.

 'Ave at you, Huatahuanka.

 The Indians were struggling to reload.

Finally the porch is ours!

After a back and forth struggle over on the porch Ardie emerged victorious. However his moment of triumph was short-lived. A warrior who had been rasacking the other dwelling emrged clutching two treasures. One of the marines tried to stop him but was cut down and with that the Frenchmens courage failed them and they melted back into the woods leaving the warriors to root through widow Tromney's drawers.

This was cracking fun. I do like the Song of.. engine.
The action swung back and forth with both of us cursing the dice from time to time. My men seemed incapable of reloading and Ardie incapable of killing anything for long periods of the game.
However the death of Huatahuanka nearly swung things back in my favour before superior numbers finally told.

Looking forward to trying M&T but I hope we'll play more SoD&T too.

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