Thursday, 6 October 2016


It's that time of year when the leaves turn to orange and brown and thoughts turn to greenskins.
The month of Orctober

I know some in the hobby world are engaged in "Zomtober", but as that's not even a proper pun I can't be joining in with that. Plus zombies are up there with Steampunk on my list of "geeky things I just don't 'get'".

So Orctober it is for me.
No real plan just going to paint some things with green flesh.
I grabbed some Arrer Boys that have been sitting on my painting table since Adam were a lad (as we say Oop north)

 Venerable Orc boys these

 No idea why i thought glueing four to a base before painting was a good idea

Unit filler/diorama
Generous General Ballroom (to give him his full title) recently gifted me this Ork warboss (a limited edition plastic model from some recent starter set or other). So I guess that makes it Orktober (which still makes more sense than Zomtober)

 Some of his skin has already been started

And I've also got Oddgit the Shaman on the go. He's a greenskin, so he kind of qualifies but the real reason for starting him is that Steve and I are planning to start out on the old Idol of Gork campaign shortly, so i need him to lead the greenskins in the first battle. Gobtober? (even that sounds better than Zomtober to be honest). Or possibly Idol of Gorktober.


 Apologies for the poor picture quality - camera out of charge and no access to my usual image software. Still, as they're just undercoated black in the main, you're not missing much.


  1. Yep I like the idea of orctober......๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Love the Orctober idea. Now, if I combine drinking beer with painting orcs, does that make it an Orctoberfest? Or just a lot of badly painted miniatures....

    1. I think you should conduct an experiment to find out.