Tuesday, 11 October 2016

NWF scenery

Three CDs covered with sand and glue and some quick drybrushing and tadah!NWF scenery.

The trees are based on 2p pieces and a couple of the bases have magnetic sheet glued in place so they sit reasonably securely, but can be removed to facilitate troop movement.

I realised as I started this that I have no real idea of what scenery on the North West Frontier of India/Pakistan/Afghanistan looks like.
However as I'm gaming in the fictional province of Ilkestaan these are exactly what the land looks like there.


  1. What a rad idea! Might have to try this myself *goes to find cd's*

  2. These look superb, just need to find some magnetic strip - great idea!

  3. Lovely!! NW Frontier terrain varied from arid desert to quite lush wooded areas and valleys. However, what you do need is hills - lots of 'em! There are flatter areas, but most fighting took place in the hills cos that's where the wily Pathan lived! There was more plains fighting in Afghanistan itself...

  4. Good job. It looks like Ilkestaan to me!