Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lion Rampant, Sausages and Mustard

These are pictures from a coiuple of weeks ago when Steve and myself descended upon the Ilko Gaming Hut for a game of Lion Rampant with General Ballroom.
Steve had a motley collection of Claymore Castings Gallowglass, some old Bretonnians and some venerable Citadel Vikings to make up the numbers. He claimed this was a motley collection of Scotsmen, falling upon a border village in search of "easy Geordie lasses".
General B took command of my later English force (which to be fair is also a mix of Claymore Castngs and old plastic Bretonnians).

As this game took place a few weeks ago and I've had a sleep since then, there's not much of a report, just some eye candy

True to form Steve failed multiple activation rolls, much to mine and General B's amusement. Steve hates activation rolls as a mechanic, and as a result the dice gods seem to curse him.

In the end the English were able to defend their hamlet, and the fair Geordie Maidens' honour and the Scots went home empty handed


  1. Poor Scots!! Great photos and write up, and collection of figures.