Thursday, 10 September 2015

Treasures of Tromney II, an Age of Sigmar campaign game

"Wooah dere!" shrieked Nubbinz, hauling on the skin of the huge squig beneath him.
Reluctantly the beast slowed and bounced on the spot. The goblin warchief  strained his ears. He could hear the chittering, squeaking and pattering of ratty feet fading into the distance.
Curse the ratmen. Stealing his treasures from him! Still at least he had one sack of treasures clutched tight. Now all he had to do was gather the lads together and make off.
Just then, shapes appeared out of the darkness, spears held aloft.
"Ladz!" Shreiked the warboss "I'ze over here"
"Ladz....?" he muttered nervously
There was something not quite right about the shape of those spears, they looked more like axes on sticks...
"Muncha!!!!" yelled the diminutive warboss, "get me outa here!" he screamed as the halbardiers rushed towards him...

General Ballroom and I convened for another game. Steve was indisposed, so we decided to see if Nubbinz could make off with the remaining Treasure of Tromney or if von Tanzsalle could reclaim the prize.
Feeling our forces had been scattered by the previous game I came up with a random distribution using playing cards so our forces were scattered and we didn't know who would end up where.
The objective what to get the treasure and as much of your army off the board as possible.

Nubbinz was in the centre of the board, holding the treasure with a variety of goblinz and empire units all around him. I rolled poorly for most troops and the squigs were nowhere near the handlers - things looked dicey.

 Two whole squigs turned up

 Sizeable unit of swordsmen

 The one decent sized unit - archers

 Tiny spearmen unit

In the distance Nubbinz makes a break for it

I started with everything heading for my board edge, apart from the squigs who I sent to deal with the handgunners. However I was faced with the dilemma that if Nubbinz left the board I might keep the treasure but von Tanzsalle would almost certainly wipe out the rest of my army and win the game. In the end I decided that Nubbinz and Muncha should help the spearmen. If I could get them, the archers and Nubbinz plus treasure off the board, the victory would be mine!


 Nom, nom, nom!

The spearmen start chasing the shaman around the mushroom patch.

Sadly Nubbinz and Muncha were up against some swordsmen, who proved a tough nut to crack and General von Tanzsalle waded into the fray.

 the General approaches

 The squigs find the handgunners tricky to digest

General v General

Bereft of their handlers the squigs failed to make very fast headway against the handgunners. and the swordsmen, spearmen, general fight turned into a grind.

Meanwhile the Empire spearmen closed in on the goblin shaman, who fled for his life...



Oh, too slow

...but not fast enough.
Eventually Nubbinz cut down the swordsmen and his oposite number, but at the cost of the spearmen.
He decided that the time was right to make good his escape.


But the cannon had other ideas.
And the squig and his master where shot down, utterly on the ground.

Nom, nom...oh.

All that remained was for the squigs to discover that state troops were quite tough and with that the game drew to a close.

A great fun game with the random deployment making it quite chaotic. Some of the fights ground on a bit, but with small numbers of relatively small units it played quite well.

So General von Tanzsalle has regained one of the Treasures of Tromney and reclaimed some honour for the Empire. Nubinz has nothing and the skaven still have two in their posession.
Where will the campaign take us next?

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  1. Looks beautiful, especially your purple color units and flag...