Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Tower of Tromney - Age of Sigmar Campaign

Nubbinz rubbed his back. It still hurt from where Muncha had landed on top of him when the cannonball knocked him over. He glared down from the bouncing beast's back at the goblins milling around him.
"Look, it's like dis" he grunted " Da ratmens are gunna make a break for it soon enuff. And we needz ta keep an eye open for 'em so we can duff 'em up and nick da treshure back, right"
The goblins shifted and muttered.
"So we's gonna run over dere and turf dem oomans outa dat tower so's we can 'ave it as a lookowt, right!"
There was more grumbling and one of the spear armed goblins pushed himself to the front of the mob.
"Look, boss, me and da lads was talkin' and we reckon  a betterer plan would b..."
There was a red blur and then Muncha let out a satisfied belch and spat out the goblin's hood.
"Right, any furver questions?" queried Nubbinz.
"Thought not"

General Ballroom and I convened a couple of weeks ago for the latest in our series of linked narrative games. In the absence of the ratmen hordes we elected to play the watchtower scenario. Dicing for attacker and defender revealed the good General would start in control of the tower, which we reasoned was an outpost near Tromney that the goblins were keen to take for their own nefarious purposes.

I stuck with the same army list, but Gen B. growing weary of the poor performance of the cannon and mindful of the repeated death of his priest in previous games swapped the former for some outriders and the latter for a wizard of the fiery persuasion.

As the battle was a long time ago by my standards I've forgotten the ins and outs of things, so here's some pictures

 The spearmob sneaks up on the tower

 Nubbinz, Muncha and da squiggly beasts

 The tower garisson waves it's flag

 Here they come

 Muncha leads da way

 But the spearmob are dallying

 The rescue force

 The attack begins

 More goblins are drawn in

 The cavalry to the rescue

 The Tromney swordsmen shuffle past the ruins

 The cavalry bear down on the goblins...

 ...and prepare to unleash lead

Bang, whirrr,bang!

In the end the halbardiers and wizard proved a tough nut to crack in the tower and the arrival of the outriders saw most of the goblins slaughtered. However a few brave spear gobbos did finally manage to sneak into the tower. Despite the empire hurling lead at them they held on and the game finished before the tower could be reclaimed!

A victory for Nubbinz (though I think he'd been removed as a casualty by that point)

So Nubbinz has a foothold on the outskirts of Tromney. General von Tanzsalle has reclaimed one of the Treasures of Tromney. However two Treasures remain in the hands of the nefarious ratmen.
Where will our saga lead next..?

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  1. Great looking game - figures and terrain are lovely.