Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lion Rampant with General Ballroom

Last week I sashayed over to the Ilko Gaming Hut for another restorative wargame with General Ballroom (who continues to make an excellent recovery).
I took my Lion Rampant retinue over and we split the forces down the middle giving us a pair of units each.
The good General took the Men at Arms on foot and a unit of expert archers whilst I had the other unit of expert archers and a unit of expert sergeants.
We played a simple line up and fight by way of introduction to the rules for Gen. B.

 My brave retinue

Cowardly turncoats

I started by pushing my archers into the enclosure to my right whilst advancing with the sergeants. I was fearing a rain of death from the archers, but fortunately it failed to materialise. However crafty General Ballroom pulled his MAA out of bow range and into support of his archers.

 This looks like a good spot lads

 Heads down and run at 'em, chaps!

Bugger, they've got back-up

My sergeants made contact with the bowmen and pushed them back. However this led them exposed to a MAA counter-charge. A plan foiled by a roll of just 3 when attempting to activate them. The sergeants in turn charged the MAA, however the fight went against them and they were forced to retreat. meanwhile I was having a world of trouble extricating my own archers from the enclosure.

 Time for a tactical withdrawal

I seriously don't fancy this now...

General Ballroom led his MAA into the sergeants and despite brave fighting they eventually succumbed and fled. The MAA began to advance on the remaining archers, however before they could charge home their opposite numbers took aim and a hail of withering fire forced them too to flee the field.

General Ballroom was left triumphant!

This was a fun little game - reminding me why I like LR and Gen B. certainly seemed taken with the rules, immediately beginning to plan how to turn his disparate WotR figures into a retinue.


  1. Great stuff! I just introduced my boy to Lion Rampant with two 15-point Viking warbands. Great fun. Needless to say, I lost!

  2. Nice looking game with lovely figures.

  3. Loved the "bugger, they've got back up" bit :0)

  4. Thanks chaps.
    I really like Lion Rampant and should try to play more often.