Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Frostgrave with the kids again

Another Saturday morning saw me and the two boys set up the Frozen city once more for some treasure recovery activity.
Sadly I've been pretty slack on the painting front and thus the retinues remain a little on the brown side.
The forces we took were as in the previous game. Me and smallest boy had both made it to level two and spent our levelling on making it easier to cast spells (him and that plus a new spell (me). I also bought two healing potions.
We (or actually I in the guise of benevolent dictator father) decided we'd play five turns (based on some of the ideas in the Frostgrave threads on Lead Adventure) and we set up nine treasure tokens and went at it.
 The Chronomancer's apprentice (with bodyguards)

 The Elementalist and his thugs

The Necromancer's crew (including summoned "zombie")

Eldest son remained cautious at first, but then teleported his Necromancer unsupported across the board to attack his brother's apprentice. Meanwhile I set about grabbing some treasure tokens. The small boy's Elementalist stood out in the open a bit too much and caught a very painful crossbow bolt or two, leaving him with but a single wound.
A single wound his elder sibling was only too delighted to remove from him at the earliest opportunity.

 There's treasure this way...

 Quick lads, grab that lectern

Aim, twang, thunk, Ouch!

Meanwhile the apprentice saw off his attacker and riddled him with arrows, causing him to die, utterly on the ground.

A bit of fighting in the middle saw me accidentally kill a couple more of small boy's thugs before he managed to Leap one of the survivors from the board and grab another treasure with his thief.

Meanwhile the Necromancer's surviving posse members grabbed two treasure of their own, leaving me to escape with the remaining five.

A thief, rooted to the spot by Chromomagics

This was another fun game, though a few lips got a bit wobbly as wizards bit the snow.

The campaign phase saw everyone come back to life, though both Elementalist and his apprentice suffered wounds that needed some money spent to heal. Eldest boy has leveled up to nearly the same as me and his brother as a result of casualties he inflicted in this game

I have ended up very rich, and although our levels still remain close I'm now in a position to seriously equip my gang and start to race ahead. So I think I'll probably introduce some of the other rules from lead adventure designed to stop one gang racing ahead.


  1. Splendid! I'm hoping to introduce my boy to Frostgrave in the next few weeks so I'm interested in seeing how the campaign develops.

    1. Its a good game to play with the kids I think. But beware - it can be a bit "swingy" in that you can go from perfectly fine to nearly dead in a single hit - which can make some of the "management" that you have to do as a dad showing kids how to play a bit tricky.

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  2. Nice report, I had my first game last night, and have to say it is a pretty cool game!

  3. Yeah, I'm enjoying it too.

  4. I'm not a Fantasy/D&D player, but I must say this set of rules are very intriguing!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun...I'll have to try it out with my two boys.

    1. It is pretty good fun and fairly straightforward. I think you'll enjoy it.

  6. Looks like fun - Not normally my kind of thing.. and sadly my boy has lost interest in all things that aren't virtual.. but I got the book, been 'bashing' some figures and chopping up cardboard to make ruins.. no idea that I'll ever get a game in though! :-)

    1. Happy to give you a game some time Mog if you can't strong arm the kids into playing with you...