Monday, 5 January 2015

Warhammer Campaign Empire Army

Stevo has decreed that we'll be playing a campaign in the first few months of 2015.
Initially I was tempted by the dark powers of Chaos, especially with End Times allowing me to combine my Daemons with some mortal warriors.
However on the drive home from the North Notts Gaming Hut I remembered my extensive supply of Empire models and sprues and decided that perhaps it was at last time for me to tackle an Empire army.
I already have a bit of a start with the models I painted for the Sigmar's Blood campaign we played last year. So that gives me eight knights and 20 militia.
I also painted 20 spearmen last year on a sojourn in sunny Swindon.

The "army" so far. Apologies for the slightly shonky shot.

So with that as a start what else do I want in my army?
I've always wanted to do a "polyglot" Empire army with troops present from the various different provinces. I know the single province theme has become the dominant way of showing Empire armies in recent years, but I hark back to the days of the first Empire book when armies were always formed from a mix of provinces - Reiklanders alongside Nordlanders and Averlanders standing shoulder to shoulder with Middenheimers. So that's the type of army I'll be aiming for. Hopefully some consistent basing will tie it all together and stop it looking too garish.

The first 1000 points.

The spearmen unit needs expanding. Eventually I'd like a horde of 40-50, but I think for my initial army 30 will be about right - so I need another ten of those, including command.
The eight knights is a silly number, so two more of those will also be needed.
The militia will be just fine at 20 models.
I need a general. I think I assembled a plastic one on horseback several years ago, so he'll be in if I can find him.
I want a wizard. I have the old, old box of single pose plastic wizards somewhere, so if I can find them I'll do one of those. I've always wanted an Amethyst wizard after a pivotal role one played in a very early WD batle report, so hopefully I can locate that model.
So a large-ish unit of infantry, a smaller supporting unit and a unit of cavalry along with a couple of characters
I think I'll need some firepower. Fortunately I have many of the single piece handgunner models that were in the 6th edition starter set along with the spearmen, so a unit of 10-12 of those will make a good start. Probably in Hochland colours, so that when I add the inevitable long-rifle it feels right at home.
And finally, it wouldn't be an empire army without a warmachine or two. I suspect I can only squeeze one in at a thousand points so the question is, which one? As the other two armies in the campaign are puny T3 Bretonnians and Elves I'm tempted by a mortar, but then again a cannon will plough a nice straight line through those units of knights. If I paint both up and do a single set of crew I can maybe experiment with both, and add the second one in next month!.
That will probably take me up to the 1025 points I'm allowed at first, so seems a good force to aim for.

Future plans

Many years ago I painted up a small unit of Averland greatswords in lovely yellow and black. I sold them to my then boss for his Empire army, but I'd like to recreate that unit for this army too, so 20 or so yellow and black greatswords should do it.
I have an assembled Steam Tank, so I'd like to paint that at some point.
Taking the spearmen up to horde size would be marvelous.
I've got a small unit of the old metal Flagellants half painted somewhere, so I could finish them off
I've always wanted to do a Middenheim unit of Swordsmen but armed with hammers.
I also have rather a lot of Kislevites hanging around that would make a great allied force.
I hate pistoliers when they're used against me, so I need some of them.
More wizards, warrior priests, more knights, crossbowmen, halflings....

All of this, of course runs counter to my rant about just painting what you like. So don't expect me to stick to this plan.

Meanwhile Stevo has raced ahead and posted some background for his army. Best get my thinking cap (and cape of double entendres) on and sort out something similar for my force.


  1. I am really excited now! Talked to Matt and he is putting his together too! This might just work........