Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Join the Tufty Club

Three sizes of tuft. 40 of each.

I decided I wanted to get down with all the cool kidz and start using some tufts.
I got some advice right here on the blog, but in the end did a little Googling and unearthed Tajima1 Miniatures.
They had a good selection of tufts and the price included postage and I remember seeing them recommended on a blog somewhere, so I thought I'd give them a shot.
Ordered on Monday afternoon and they arrived on Wednesday - that's darn good service in my book.
I ordered a mixed set of Moss Mix tufts as I wasn't sure what size I needed.
They looks splendid, so I'm looking forward to sticking a few on my Lion Rampant retinue.

Small on the left, medium on right.

And here are the retinue, about half way through having all their bases painted.

And again with bases painted and a few clumps of coarse turf added to a few.

Tomorrow should see the tufts added and then they'll be done!


  1. I LOVE Tajima1 Miniatures tufts! There, I said it.

  2. What a timely post! I've just finished applying my first ever tufts. They were Army Painter highland tufts, and looked like they'd been run over by a tank, not it neat little rows like that! I did manage to coax them back to life, but the Tajima ones look great.

  3. Remember children, tufts are not toys and you may need an adult to help you. Looking forward to seeing them in action, the bigger ones seem a tad large, but then battlegrounds are not usually mown beforehand so could be good. May well join the club myself.

  4. I've used Tajima!1 before and was impressed with their service and with the tufts themselves. Look forward to seeing them on bases.

  5. Ah that's where they came from, thanks! I've been looking for tufts recently

  6. I'm a massive fan of Tajima tufts and your post has reminded me I need to buy more. Again!

  7. They're great as far as I can tell and wenty on really easy.
    I'll take some pictures tomorrow.
    Top service, top product.