Saturday, 14 December 2013

SAGA Anglo Danes v Welsh

After an enforced hiatus (paternity leave) I finally got together with one of my wargaming chums for a game.
I was really missing SAGA, having not played for ages, and as it's easy to pick up again with straightforward, clearly written rules, unlike certain other Dark Age rulesets, we agreed that's what we'd do.
I dug out the Anglo Danes and faced off against a Welsh warband,
Clash of Warlords was the nominated scenario as anything else seemed too challenging for our first game in six months or more.

And as usual SAGA didn't disappoint. We played a 6 point game and played at a leisurely pace with a little reference to the rules and a lot of time spent staring at the board agonising over why so few dragons or helmets had been rolled. I made a bee-line for my opponents warlord, leaving a couple of units isolated on one flank. My opponent was able to bring more force to bear on me as a result and managed to leave my warlord isolated as we entered the final turn. However the fatigue that I'd laid onto his warlord proved crucial - he was unable to complete a final charge that would almost certainly have killed my warlord, and in return I was able to charge him and with a stacked board and lucky dice I chopped him to the ground leaving me to claim a victory!

Sadly I forgot my camera and phone but my chum sent through these pictures so we have some sort of record of the epic struggle.

 The saxon warlord leads his men into the heart of the welsh lines

 The battle lines close

 A lone huscarl comes to a sticky end

Fatigue begins to pile up on the wellshmen

The warlords come together


  1. Very nice figures and it looks like great fun was had by all. SAGA is a nice set of rules though I prefer others more. Good you had some proper wargaming fun after the joys of paternity leave :-)

  2. 'Twas my chum's paternity leave, not mine!
    We played part of the game with his four month old daughter asleep over his shoulder.