Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Warbases Dark Ages Watchtower (3)

The next stage was to apply some texture to the walls. MDF is great but a little featureless. So I 'rendered' the walls with a mixture of filler, play sand and PVA glue that I mixed to be runny enough to simply paint on.
It was quite fiddly to get it under the eaves of the roof and between the A frame but I couldn't work out how I could have assembled differently to make it any easier. It was also at this point I was glad I'd decided to glue the roof down - to make it removable you'd have to leave the walls featureless, which seemed like it would look bobbins.

Hopefully this has "rendered" you speechless

Rendering dry it was thatching time. So I dug out the last of the trusty black face flannel and set to work cutting strips and soaking them in dilute PVA before laying them in place.

Short back and sides?

Good progress so far - time to get some paint on - tune in next time kids...


  1. Great work. I have some Sarissa buildings and played with the rendering approach too, but it was much harder trying to achieve a rendered brick effect. I like the way the wood is accentuated by the thatching and render around it too - great work.

  2. I think for brick I'd be more likely to use either plasticard or brick paper to get the effect.

    Thanks for the kind words