Tuesday, 30 July 2013

King Arthur

Last week I came home to find a package waiting for me. Although Mrs Tom's Toy Soldiers was suspicious. my conscience remained clear - I hadn't ordered anything.
In fact it turned out to be a gift. 
A copy, from the author himself, of Dan Mersey's new book King Arthur.

It was a thank-you from Dan for playing in the large games of Dux Bellorum at Salute earlier this year.
I've had a quick skim through and it looks lovely with plenty to interest me.
I should point out its not a wargaming rule per se it's the stories of the various Arthurs from mythology along with a little historical speculation.
I'm saving a proper read for when I'm away on holiday - though I fear I may have to fight my eight year old for it.
If you'd like to get your own copy it's available from Osprey and local bookshops. And probably from nasty online, tax dodging bookshops too - but you should try and avoid using them.
All in all a splendid gift from top chap Dan - who really didn't need to, playing the big game was reward enough in itself.
Why not go and read Dan's Blog?


  1. Dan is a thoroughly nice chap, and this just underlines it. Hope you enjoy the book!

  2. Hi Tom,

    When you get back from your hols please do post up a review. I'd be most interested in hearing what you think of the book.