Monday, 19 March 2012

Another Dark Age Building

I finished making this today.

Another little hut for my Saxons to live in or loot (as the fancy takes them). Ideal for SAGA, WAB or Hail Caesar (as the fancy takes me).
I made it from foam core in much the same way as I made this one earlier.
This time however I elected to clad it in balsa which I scored to look like planks.
The plans were the same ones I originally got from The Nothelm Chronicle blog. (Thanks once again).

And here's the finished article with a proud Romano British owner.


  1. I like this one.
    I note a Romano-British spearman there, how many units have you got done? Can I make a start?

  2. Smashing stuff Tom.

    Love the thatching, really well done.