Friday 12 January 2024

Warhammer 8th Edition Ogres v. Chaos Warriors 3K points

With Warhammer The Old World just around the corner Kenton and I convened for what could be a final game of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy. That's pretty unlikely TBH as several of the armies our group plays will be "Legacy" armies in W:TOW which means they'll surely fast be outstripped by the inevitable codex creep of the core armies. However, we'll see how things go.

Anyway we settled on a big 3,000 pointer and went at it like manly men.

The Chaos forces had come from the frozen north, bringing their own snow with them.

I say snow, but it could have been left over Christmas cake icing.

The Ogres lined up to meet them.

Shooty guys on the hill, ready to rain leaden death on the Chaos hordes.

3k a side looks ace.

I deployed a bit further back, nervous of Getting BloodCrunchers (or whatever they're called) in the face.

Kenton had the BFG (Big Flappy Geezer) Daemon Prince with him.

Dragon Ogres and BloodKnockers (or whatever) pushed up to threaten the flank. I wasn't entirely convinced that six blokes with oversized shotguns could hold them.

The yhetees hung about in the woods, taunting the Chaos Ogres.

I was hoping the giant could help on the flank.

He went rumbling in.

And the Mournfangs launched themselves at the Dragon Ogres.

Crunch, thwack, crump!

I landed a shot from the Scraplauncher on the Chaos Bumblebee's head. And then discovered how unsuited a Scraplauncher is for killing Chaos Warriors.

See, he's fine.

The giant failed to do much to dent the BloodFunkers and they rumbled in to the Leadbelchers.


The Mournfangs murdered the Dragon Ogres, but then crunched in to the BFG and took Warriors to the flank.

Less than ideal.

This was the inevitable consequence.

However the Champion hung around long enough for the Irongut Bus to arrive

Abandoning shooting with the Scrapper, it converted to Chariot mode and joined the charge.

Fighting everywhere!

The Khorne warriors were sent fleeing, however the BFG was immovable.

Scraplauncher and Bulls cleared away the Nurgle Warrior filth with the aid of some boosted Strength.

Then more Bulls caught their Chaos Cousins in the flank.

Bumblebee Bloke decided to try his luck against the Butcher.

The Gorebeast Chariot piled in to help its master

Whilst the Scraplauncher did the same to help swat Bumblebee Bloke

Meanwhile the BFG and the Tyrant fought out a challenge that resulted in a deceased Ogre.

And the Ironguts being wiped out.

It was all looking good for the Ogres despite the death of the general. Only the BFG and two BloodClaarts remained.

Foolishly however I accepted a charge on the butcher, meanwhile the Scraplauncher malfunctioned and charged the Bulls who were fighting the rallied Khorne warriors...

In a matter of moments all that remained of the Ogre army was a single unit of Bulls and a Bagpuss the Sabretooth.

The BFG roared his defiance and claimed the victory!

What a bloodbath. With almost no time remaining I had it all in the bag and then, instead of running off with the Butcher I foolishly let him face the scary Khorne Khavalry and before I knew it my entire force was pretty much dead or fled.

Still, that's Warhammer for you!