Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Playtesting Midgard

Chum James has been working on his own rule for a while now. Provisionally called Midgard it's designed to be fast moving heroic fantasy where characters are important without dominating the game. Ideal for Dark Ages, Ancient Greece, Celtic Fantasy and (in this case) Lord of the Rings.

I played solo with a two of commands, each of four units and a hero per side.
I've only got evil forces at my disposal so Easterlings fought Orcs.

The pictures are a bit crappy as I only had my phone to hand.

The field of war

The Easterlings push forward

And their cavalry crash home.

Meanwhile the Wargs snack on some skirmishers.

The Easterling advance halts.

The wraith challenged the Orc shaman. And cut him down.

Then returned to kill more Orcs.

More wargs snacked on some other archers.

The grind begins.

Woof, woof, chomp chomp.

Finishing off the archers the Wargs bounced into the Easterlings.

The knights had killed the Orcs.

And the pikes saw off the dogs.

Then followed them up.

Leaving the swordsmen to finish the Orcs.

One lot of wargs dead, just one more to go.

This saw the Orc force broken and the Easterlings triumphant.

This worked well, even as a solo game. There's a few things around retreating and pursuing that need tidying up, but it gives a swift and bloody game!

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