Thursday, 19 September 2019

A father daughter tiff - Zeus v Athena of Gods and Mortals

James and Martin came over the the Sherwood Soldier Shack.
We're putting on an Of Gods and Mortals game (or two) at ChillCon in Derby at the weekend, so thought maybe a bit of refreshing of the rules was in order.
I laid the table out, James picked his Zeus force and Martin went with his Athena army. I helped/heckled James.

 James' Spartans trudged forward behind the mighty Talos*

 Martin had just painted Herakles. This was to be his first game.
So James lightning bolted him to death turn one before he had chance to move.

 We played the sacred well scenario. Martin left his Argonauts to defend it.

Zeus**, posing with lightning bolts  and his mortals.

 Athena was quite a long way from the action with a bodyguard of hoplites.
We suggested she turn into an owl to fly more rapidly across the board. But Martin was having none of it.

The first turn saw a slaughter of the Legends. After you've not played for a while you forget how vulnerable they are. Jason and Herakles both perished rapidly.

 So Athena used her improbably big sword to chop down Perseus.

 Chiron bent his spear on the Cyclops' skin.

 Then deicide to charge toward the Talos.

 Her dander up Athena set upon some poor harmless archers
 Better view of sword.

The Spartans decided to stop being Psiloi and kill the skirmishers. But they turned out to be tougher than expected.

 Chiron bent his spear some more...

With Chiron dead the Cyclops set about the Argonauts, aided by  the Talos.

 Meanwhile the legendary warriors of Sparta still hadn't managed to kill a single shepherd.

 Finally Athena, her army fast disappearing, decided to work out some daddy issues.
And killed Zeus!
Which saw a number of James' units flee. The balance of the game shifted back to a more even fight.

Unfortunately the Spartans managed to get the big guy back. And he decided to finish what the mighty Spartans couldn't manage and murdered the psiloi.

Enraged by this Athena went to have more strong words with her dad, but this time the old man was victorious and Athena was sent to her bedroom on Mount Olympus.

With all his heroes and more than half her mortals dead the game was up and  Zeus had triumphed.

*The Talos is a tourist statue that James bought on Crete a few years ago and painted to look bronze. Someone always asks.
**So is Zeus.

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