Friday, 14 July 2017

40K 8th Ed Marines v Orks v Nids

In an inversion of the natural order of things Steve has actually written his version of this game up before I've had the chance!
But don't read it yet. Read mine first.
I'll link to his again at the end.

Earlier this year Warboss Gruzzkup laid claim to the shattered remains of once mighty Imperial World of Ilkestaaan IV.
In an attempt to reclaim the planet a force of Salamanders Space Marines has been dispatched to the planet.
However the first slimy tendril of another, grimmer alien threat is also beginning to ensnare the doomed world....

I would have Orks. I nearly decided to try out the Son and Heir's now discarded Eldar before realising they'd make my brane hurt.
Stephen decided he'd use Marines. Picking from his all the colours of the rainbow assortemnt of the Emperor's finest he settled on the green ones.
General Ballroom meanwhile had grown an extra pair of arms and a chitinous carapace and would be playing with Tyranids.

 Gruzzkup assembles da ladz

 Ooooh. Melty

 Yikes, Infestation

 More meltiness

The Tyranids deployed in one corner, I deployed diagobnally opposite - in order to stay a safe distance away which forced Steve to deploy across the table from a sackload of Genestealers.

I decided that I should follow Orky ancestral finkin' and attacked the age old nemesis the Space Marines.

 Yikes, Here dey come!

 Stab, stomp, slash!
Pretty soon I'd killed a dreadnought and a whole squad of marines. And the apothecary, for no reason other than lolz.
I had however lost most of my mob of boys, my nobz and my warboss in the process. The Marine Captain was weak, but still handing it out.
This left the 'Nids free to gambol playfully about the ruins.

Right up until they raced across the board and started eating my Trukk

At about this point if it were a Black Library novel the two hereditary foes - Orks and Marines would have shown grudging respect for one another and united against the rapacious alien menace.
Instead Steve killed the rest of my boys and then shot a Deffkopta.

Meanwhile the Salamanders were also being pounced upon.

The Trukk didn't last long, and although the boys were a decent match for the 'stealers but time (and green bodies) were running out

Finally the 'Nids faced off against the elite fighting Assault Marines.

And ate them all double quick.

The game was over, neither Steve nor I had many men left and the 'Nids were virtually untouched. The conquest has begun...

Another fun game of 40K.
The 'Nids seem a bit frisky TBQH. I think Burnaz may be the way to go.

Oh yeah, you can go and read this now.

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