Thursday, 8 June 2017

Congo - Gorillalalalalala

Once more the Sherwood, Hucknall & Ilkeston Team returned to the steamy jungles of deepest darkest Africa for some more Congo gaming.
Our columns remained rigidly as in previous games  - General Ballroom is painting some stuff but his mind wanders, butterfly like, from project to project - but what's not to enjoy about a rigid column, I say.
This time the noble, upstanding slavers were in a race against the perfidious, double-dealing European desperados to unearth the ancient treasures of somewhere or other (Steve and I were too busy poking fun at General B and drinking beer to hear much of what was said). The nub of the gist was that there was a clearing in the middle with an objective in it.

And so the game began

 The disco dancing defenders of the treasure

 Warriors with Diplomat (who carries on his shoulder a Siamese cat)

One of my warrior groups pushed into the jungle and disturbed whatever the collective term for Gorillas (a nest? a clump? some?) is. Fortunately by breaking wind loudly they drove them off and could enter unscathed.

 Ain't no Gorillas in here no more.

The craven and cowardly explorers decided to pepper the disco dancing guardians with shot. Which seemed harsh.
 One down...

 Rather deadly employees of the craven and cowardly Europeans

My second group of explorers stumbled into a second patch of jungle and disturbed a singular, but altogether angrier gorilla of their own.

 Where's Attenborough when you need him?

Having weakened the disco dancing defenders the Explorers, cowardly and craven and ignoble as they are, sent in some warriors to attack. Who discovered the guardians were better being shot at than fought.

So the Sikhs started shooting again

By this time my column had moved into position to cover the clearing, which rather turned it into a killing zone...

Sporadic fighting broke out

Followed up by lots and lots of shooting

The Europeans continued to hurl their warrior allies at the proud, noble slavers, but they were beaten off.

The noble and brave Arab slavers decided discretion was the better part of not being mown down and so declined to enter the sacred killing ground clearing.

The Sikhs continued to pour fire at anything that moved

Whilst the Diplomat ensured his warriors dealt with the rival troops.

With that the game drew to a close.
The vile ignoble Europeans had won by the simple means of slaughtering the disco dancing guardians of the treasure.
I should have made more effort to kill the gorilla, which would have made the game a bit closer
As it was, it rapidly turned into an African stand-off  with neither of us keen to brave the D6 saves of the clearing under the powerful guns of our opponents.

Good fun and the board and soldiers look splendid


  1. Spiffingly great story, and pictures! Started building up my "Congo" terrain, and you sir, are an inspiration.

    1. Thank-you.
      Although I should point out that all the soldeirs and scenery are actually from General Ballroom's collection.
      I do have some DA scenery and models of my own, but they're not as nice as these.